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Sodalite Silver Bangle
Sodalite Silver Bangle
Sodalite Silver Bangle

Sodalite Silver Bangle

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This bracelet is part of the Verdandi Collection. Verdandi was the middle sister of the Norn (Scandinavian fates) She represents the present, that moment where you take who you were yesterday and decide who you will be tomorrow.

Verðandi is literally the present participle of the Old Norse verb "verða", "to become", and is commonly translated as "in the making" or "that which is happening/becoming”.
These beautiful bangles are meant to be worn as a reminder to own your today and YOU get to choose your tomorrow!
A reminder of your inner strength and your resolve to become what you choose. 
Perfect as a spring and summer stackable bangle
Sodalite is a blue, white and gray stone.
Beads are rectangular natural shapes.
Aprox 10mm woven with silver plated copper wire 
handmade “s” hook clasp.  

Bangle length aprox 8 1/2”